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Solar Energy PV 

Consultancy Services

Thinking of installing a Solar PV System or solar water heater to cut down on your electricity bills?


  • Were you ever uncertain whether you should install a SOLAR PV panel system (Photo Voltaic Solar System) or a solar water heater?

  • Can your property accomodate the Solar panel system?

  • What energy can I generate considering the size of my roof?

  • Can I really get my water and electricity bill down to 'zero' ?

  • What is the realistic amount of energy produced by a PV system?

  • What do I really need to look out for when purchasing a Solar PV panel system?

  • Is it really worth it?

  • What does FIT mean? (Feed-in-Tariff)

  • How does the Grant work?

  • Can I add extra panels to an already existing system?

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages?

  • Do I get paid for extra units produced?

  • How do Solar Panels work?

  • What types of systems are available in today's market?

  • What are the government limitations on Solar PV systems?

  • How do you go about applying with REWS (Regulator for Energy and Water Services)?

  • Grants with FIT or just FIT? - what's the difference?

  • What is the duration of the governmental agreement?

  • Is it beneficial to install a Solar Water Heater?



Installing a solar PV system or solar water heater is a major investment, where prices may soar into the thousands.

Having gained extensive knowledge in the field while having mastered the tricks of the trade, Ewi home services offers priceless information and tips regarding the Solar Energy local market on both a Commercial and Residential level. Equipped with a Higher Technical Diploma in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering together with full Certification of Single Phase Domestic Electrical installations, we will ensure you know all the facts before taking the plunge.


Whether still undecided, or whether you would like to know all the pros and cons that must be considered before investing in a Solar System, we will help ensure you take the right decision! For a minimal consultation fee, obtain all the knowledge you require, and clear your mind of any related doubts. 


Make your investment a long lasting one!


Give us a call, and let us answer all your questions.

Property Management in Malta - Solar Energy PV Consultation Services

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