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Why should I engage a property management company?


Property management companies can save you time, money and take the guesswork out of the necessary day-to-day management of your investment property. EWI home services can take care of your property as if it's our own; whether you want to rent it out, or keep it as a vacant investment property, ensuring that it is constantly maintained and all done to welcome you for your next visit. We pay bills on your behalf, coordinate skilled people to maintain your property and provide you with updates and statements.  



How much do property management services cost?

Property management service fees vary according to the services required. Please contact us for an assessment of your property and a free no-obligation quote.

Fees and services typically include:


  • Management fee - This fee is collected monthly for managing the property and is generally based on a minimal percentage of each month's rental value, or if not rented, based on the property size or type or rental potential value accordingly.

  • Reserve / Maintenance fund - We require that our clients maintain a reserve fund. The money is used for stocking up with toilet paper, soaps, extra towels / sheets required, small repairs, maintenance or payment of other bills and is totally refundable if not used. We obtain owner approval prior to the use of the reserve fund.



What services are offered by Ewi Home Services Limited?

Ewi Home Services offers the services of Property Maintenance, Property Assistance and of course Property Management as described in more detail below:


Management Services :

·        Reporting / Corresponding with owner

·        Maintaining necessary records for any future reference purposes

·        Collection of emergency / maintenance funds from owner

·        Management of tenants complaints and informing owner of any serious issues

·        Collection and Forwarding of Mail to any address 

·        Checking-in / Greeting of Tenants

·        Engagement of cleaning / laundry / maintenance workers

·        Collection of deposits and rental payments from tenant

·        Power of Attorney (prokura) provided to sign lease agreements on behalf of owner when unavailable or            abroad.


         Assistance in Setting up of MTA licence Certificate

·        Payment of Utility and/or Service Bills (Water, Electricity, Internet, Telephone and TV services) and                    secure punctual payments including ground-rent and insurance premiums

·        Monthly Inspections / Visits - to air the interior of property and to operate plumbing fittings. (in case of             vacant properties)

·        *Property Marketing Management Services / Managing tenant bookings / Updating of Calendar

* Property Marketing Management Services : The Property manager shall set-up and maintain accounts on different online platforms and/or any other preferred advertising mediums/sources, shall liaise with confirmed and potential tenants and keep a record of tenant bookings and update any relevant calendars. Property will be marketed through the most suitable, popular and trusted Real Estate Rental platforms. Ewi Home Services' main focus is to get the property rented or sold by involving regular agent property inspection site visits. Property photos are taken and all relevant info is uploaded online and exposed to thousands of both local and foreign potential clients, scheduling and organizing viewings for potential clients, Facebook exposure and much more.​ 


Maintenance / Misc. Services :


  •           Home Furnishing guidance facilities

  •           Expert interior design facilities

  •           Liaising with service providers for the connection of Water, Electricity, TV and Telephone

  •           Transportation services

  • Cleaning

  • Laundry Service

  • Plumbing

  • Electrical

  • Tile Laying

  • Lift installations

  • Air Conditioning Repairs and Installations

  • Garden maintenance

  • Pool Maintenance

  • Airing of property to prevent mold growth

  • Painting

  • Plastering

  • Gypsum works

  • Locksmith Services

  • Carpentry

  • Pest Control

  • etc..​



What areas do you currently service?


EWI home services Limited caters for all areas in Malta.



What types of properties do you manage?


EWI home services manages properties which include multi family homes, student housing, and single family homes. We cater for penthouses, apartments, maisonettes, villas, houses of character, townhouses and also retail and offices.



How do I get started?


Please contact us via phone or email so that we can gather the necessary information to assess your property and provide you with a free no-obligation quote. 


Frequent Questions

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EWI Home Services
EWI Home Services
EWI Home Services
EWI Home Services

Property Management in Malta - Frequently Asked Questions on Property Management Malta

Ewi Home Services -Home Property Management and Maintenance services in Malta
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