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Property Management

in Malta

What does Property Management & Maintenance involve ?

Property management and maintenance is the control, operation, and oversight of real estate allowing the landlord to save time and worry over dealing with maintenance and repairs, service and utility bill payments, marketing his/her rentals, collecting rent, dealing with tenant complaints, and much more... This definitely gives the landlord complete peace of mind knowing that his/her investment is in good and trust worthy hands.

The term 'management' indicates a need to be cared for, monitored and accountability given for its useful life and condition.


In a nutshell, property management guarantees peace of mind to property owners which involves the processes, systems and manpower required to manage the life cycle of all acquired property.

The Below Diagram shows all the ordinary property management services offered by Ewi Home Services Limited.

Property Management in Malta - what does property management malta involve?

   Property Management Services offered:

  •      Reporting / Corresponding with owner 

  •      Maintaining necessary records for any future reference purposes 

  •      Collection of emergency / maintenance funds from owner 

  •      Management of tenants complaints and informing owner of any serious issues 

  •      Collection and Forwarding of Mail to any address

  •      Cleaning to the highest standard upon each checkout and upon request

  •      Laundry Services upon every check-out and upon request

  •      Engagement of maintenance workers when required / requested by owner

  •      Monthly Inspections / Visits - to air the interior of property and to operate plumbing fittings. (in case of vacant properties)

  •      Assistance to Owner for setting up MTA licence

  •      *Property Marketing Management Services / Managing tenant bookings / Updating of Calendar

  •       Home Improvement Consultation

  •       Expert interior design facilities

  •       Liaising with service providers for the connection of Water, Electricity, TV and Telephone

* Property Marketing Management Services : The Property manager shall set-up and maintain accounts on different online platforms and/or any other preferred advertising mediums/sources, shall liaise with confirmed and potential tenants and keep a record of tenant bookings and update any relevant calendars. Property will be marketed through the most suitable, popular and trusted Real Estate Rental platforms. Ewi Home Services' main focus is to get the property rented or sold by involving regular agent property inspection site visits. Property photos are taken and all relevant info is uploaded online and exposed to thousands of both local and foreign potential clients, scheduling and organizing viewings for potential clients, Facebook exposure and much more.​ 


          Any Extraordinary Service requested is provided at a call-out rate or subject to a quotation depending on the type of service required. 


Property management and maintenance lundry and cleaning services
Ewi Home Services -Home Property Management and Maintenance services in Malta
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